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James Bond

             Bond's classic gun, the German-made Walther PPK is introduced in Dr.25 calibre Beretta which was suseptable to not working in tight situations. The PPK is 7.65mm calibre with a 6 round magazine. It's most desirable feature is it's size, as it is perfect for concealment. This makes it one of the favourite pistols in secret services around the world.
             Davey tracer.
             Playing a key part in Goldfinger the distinguishing characteristic of this tracer is it's magnetism. The transmitter can be detected by a receiver in 007's Aston Martin DB5. The homing device also comes in a smaller version which is attracted to the larger one. This smaller version is designed to be put in 007's shoe for concealment.
             Piton Gun.
             After bungee-jumping off the Barylmore Dam in GoldenEye, Bond fires the grappling hook into the roof of the Russian Chemical Factory. A high-tensile wire connects the grappling hook to a motor on the gun which reels in the wire, effectively pulling 007 closer to the hook. He then cuts his way in with the small-but-powerful laser which also comes attatched.
             Omega Seamaster Watch.
             Another of the many gadgets seen in GoldenEye, the Omega's main feature is a laser which is emitted at the top of the watch dial. It is a red, short range, highly-concentrated laser which can cut through steel around one inch thick with ease. It is also fitted with a detenator which sets off any remote mines Bond has activated.
             Explosive Pen.
             Unfortunately only seen in GoldenEye, this seemingly plain-looking Parker pen is in fact a class four grenade which can cause a considerable explosion. It's four second fuse is armed by three clicks in quick succession of the button at the top of the pen. Another three disarms it. .
             The fantastic Goldfinger was released on September 17th, 1964 in the UK and on December 22nd, 1964 in the US. It grossed $125 million worldwide (over $650 million in 1999 dollars), reflecting the phenomenal public reaction to the film.

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