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Film Review - James Bond - Moonraker

            There are many aspects in this film that makes this film of science fiction genre. Moonraker used a lot different shot techniques and sequences to not only excite the viewer but also to involve the viewer in the film The use of high angle long shot in this film gave breathtaking moments during scenes. During the very beginning of the film, the shot sequences took place after a fight between Bond and Jaws. In this sequence there was a high angle long shot of Jaws, the villain, reacting to the fact that his parachute ripcord was broke. In the next shot there was a high angle reverse shot in which Jaws starts flap his arms. Then there were few other close-up shots of Jaws smiling and showing off his metal teeth. The director showed not only showed the intensity but also added a forced comedy. During these scenes there was a very intense music that's causing the audience to excite and wonder on what's going to happen. In the very next few shots there were a few scenes of the outside of a circus tent and then the inside of the circus tent. Those few shots made the audience realize that Jaws was going to survive while falling into the roof of the tent. Instead of just showing Jaws directly falling into the circus tent, the director shows mixed shots of Jaws and the circus tent to give the audience a relief that Jaws was going to survive the fall. Even though Jaws was trying to kill bond throwing him off the plane, the audience of course doesn't want the big tall villain like Jaws to die early in the film. The director's use of sky fall technique or long shot sequence of Bond and Jaws falling made the audience experience the fall with them. .
             Bond was in Venice and is escaping from a group of bad guys chasing in a motor gondola, which is like a motor boat. Being followed guys was troublesome but the director uses a close up shot on James Bond showing that Bond was relaxed and seemed to be enjoying the ride.

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