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A MiniReport on Time and It

            1) Time can be considered an adjective, verb, or noun. As an adjective, time can name as well as described something such as a time bomb or a time draft. Time can also be a verb. For example, "I timed how fast I could run around the track". However in my paper, I will be discussing time as a noun. What is time? How can we define it? Time can be defined as "the measured or measurable period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues". Just from this definition in Webster's dictionary, we know that anything in this "period" may continue. This tells us that time does not stand still, it continues. Time can either be discussed as a period that goes on for eternity, or as a single period that stops at a certain date (i.e. the Ice Age). Either way, the fact remains. Even if time is referred to as "a time" like the Ice Age or Stone Age, time still continues after those periods end. Time continues, it keeps moving although we can not see it. Even before we could measure it with certain devices, we could see it from night until day. Time moves and it can not be stopped.
             2) Many years ago, ancient cultures found different ways to measure time. Some cultures used sun calendars, like the Aztecs. Others used sun clocks, water clocks, or hour glasses. Ancient Mayans, they used the planet Venus, the sun, and the moon to make 260-day and 365-day calendars. These later became the ancient Aztec stone calendars. Ancient Egyptians also has a type of calendar. Ancient Egyptians developed many different ways to keep time early on. They realized that the "dog star", Sirius, rose next to the sun every time the nile flooded which was every 365 days. Around 4236 B.C., the egyptians made a 365-day calendar. This is significant because it was the first recorded year in history. The Egyptians also made obelisks, tall statues which resembled the current Washington Monument. They noticed that the sun formed moving shadows off of these obelisks, which divided the day into parts.

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