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            I chose to research Sports Shoe Advertisements. The object of my research was to determine whether different sports shoe companies used the same marketing techniques or appeals to advertise their product. I discovered that in fact the marketing techniques used in advertisements were different, but this relied heavily on who the target market was. I selected a number of sport shoe advertisements from magazines only, such as New Zealand Sport, Slam ( a basketball magazine), and a more fashionable magazine, Dolly. Though the appeals were different all companies claimed their product was the most advanced.
             At the simplest level, Sport Shoe companies use fashion to appeal to the target market. Simple assertions like, "It's cool to wear rubber" (haivaianas Ad.) , This would be all we need to see, to want this product. The fact that the product is cool will immediately attract peoples attention, especially younger consumers. In fact the advertisement only has a picture of the product and a slogan at the bottom of the page. Dunlop also follows this simple advertisement style, with the heading, a picture of the product, and an imperative, "Make your mark in three fashionable new colours, they are so bright they may even shock your friends and your family." Dunlop tells you to "make your mark", in these shoes. This imperative creates desire for this product, and so that we can also make our mark if we wear their product. The advertisers obviously regard their target audience as some what shallow, as they do not believe the target audience needs anymore convincing, other than its "cool". The target market for these particular types of fashionable sports shoe, is teenagers or the younger generation. An advertisement aimed at the more mature audience is far more complicated as adults need more convincing to spend their money.
             In a similar vain skate shoe advertisers also believe their target audience was somewhat shallow, because they rely heavily on celebrity endorsement to sell their product.

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