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The Necklace

             What gives a person real satisfaction and make life worth living? There is no doubt that money or a high-class position brings happiness. There are certain times when money is very helpful. A person can have all the money in the world or the highest position man can have in his society, and yet he can still be alone and unhappy. Happiness and the satisfaction that comes out if, what can be truly fulfilling, when it is the result of hard work.
             In the story "The Diamond Necklace" by Guy Maupassant, Mrs. Loisel, a charming young woman, has really no satisfaction in life because of her poverty. One day she allowed herself to marry a petty clerk from the office of the broad of education. She always dreamed of having a high-class position. She never though about working and helping her loving and hardworking husband. .
             One day her husband returned from his work bringing her an invitation from "the minister of instruction and Madame George Ramponnean." Instead of her being delighted saying, "What do you suppose I want with that? Surprisingly her husband never thought that she was going to act like that. He thought he was going to make her happy by giving her the invitation. She said that she does not have anything to wear to such a thing as that. He suggested her to wear the class that she wears when they go to the movies. She starts crying meaning that she does not want to wear that. He gave her the money that he had saved to buy a hunting gun. This is one of the ways he showed that he love her.
             Now, after she had the dress, she seemed sad and disturbed. She did not have any accessories to go with the dress. She asked Mrs. Forestier her friend for an accessory. Mrs. Forestier went to her closet and took out a large jewel-case, brought it, opened and she said" choose my dear." She chose a diamond necklace in a black satin box. She went the ball. After she came home and realized that she lost the necklace.

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