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Wuthering Heights

            Wurthering Heights was written by Emily Bronte, one of the Bronte sisters. The author finished this novel in 1847. After that, Emily died soon in 1848 with age thirty. Meanwhile, there were more sad things happened in her family because of her sisterá|s following death. In nineteenth-century Wurthering Heights was put much value by the readers. They were shocked by the violence of the charactersá| feelings and actions. Even her sister Charlotte, the author of "June Eyreá̈ wrote of the horror of great darkness that hung over the novel. But since then Wruthering Heights has become a classic novel and adapted for the movie and television. It was the only novel that Emily made in her life.
             There were few trees and houses on the Yorkshire moors and strong wind blew days and nights. On this moors began our story. The Earnshan family lived in a house called Wurthering Heights for centuries. One day Mr. Earnshan, the master of this house, brought a strange gipsy orphan named Heatheliff back home to let him be a new member of the family. It seemed very unacceptable to the daughter of Mr. Earnshan, Catherine, and her elder brother, Hindley. However, Catherine and Heatheliff became good friends and even fell in love with each other. As for Hindley, he hated Heatheliff and always being cruel to him. The more he grew up, the more his hatred was. After old Mr. Earnshan died, Hindley became the master of Wuthering Height. He tried to separate Catherine and Heatheliff. He sent Catherine away to the Linton family at Thurushcross Grange, so that she would be taught to behave like a lady. Contrarily, he treated Heatheliff as a servant, who had to work all day on the farm. Heatheliff was mocking by the people around him. Few months later, Heatheliff suddenly disappears, as he heard that Catherine was going to marry the son of the Linton, Edger. No one knew where he had gone. Although Catherine was sad, she still married Edger and had a happy life during the next four years until Heatheliff appeared.

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