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The Story of Joseph

            The reason I chose to write about Joseph is because I had learned about him in the past and wanted to know more. Joseph, as a young boy, had to deal with jealousy, hatred, betrayal The reason I chose to write about Joseph is because I had learned about Joseph's life in the and unkind words from his own brothers. These actions were brought about because his brothers wanted the attention he was getting, as well their father's colorful coat given to him. .
             Joseph was born by Rachel, the wife of Jacob. At that time Jacob was the wealthiest man in Canaan. He had a large farm and raised sheep and crops. Since he was so rich, he had many nice things, including a coat of many colors. Jacob had 12 sons including Joseph, and he loved them all, but he loved Joseph the most. .
             When Joseph was 17, Jacob gave Joseph the colorful coat. Joseph loved the coat very much. It was his most prized possession, but his brothers were very jealous. If I was in Joseph's shoes at the time he was receiving this great coat, I would feel excited, but at the same time almost scared because I would know there would be trouble ahead. .
             In contrast to being in Joseph's shoes, I asked myself how would I feel if I was one of his brothers who did not receive his father's favor and much-treasured coat? I would feel jealous, angry, sad, and hateful because I would not have gotten something that I thought I also deserved.
             Joseph's brothers" names were Ruben, Simeon, Judah, Levi, Dan, Gad, Asher, Zebulin, Issachar, Benjamin and Naphtali. They were all close to each other but were jealous of Joseph. They knew just as well as he did that he was Jacob's favorite. Joseph never did anything wrong to them, but they were so jealous that they wanted to kill him.
             One day Jacob called to Joseph and told him to go and check on his brothers who were tending the flocks at Shechem. When he met his brothers, they attacked him, tied him up with ropes and threw him into a pit.

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