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For Admissions

            In life there are many obstacles which one must overcome. With all the tension rising about grades and college, I"ve come to realize that one of my greatest obstacles will be faced sooner than I imagined. When asked about my future a couple of months ago, I would probably have a vague or unenlightened response. Because of this I chose to take action, research, and make sure to keep my options open. At the present time, what is most significant to me is my future. .
             After extensive thought, I decided to major in the sciences or something health related. If I am fit to attend William Paterson University, I plan to major in Biology. Upon graduation from the university, I propose to further my education in Pharmaceutical Studies or Physical Therapy. I know that this will not just come to me, I understand that much hard work and determination is involved in pursuing this goal of mine, but I will try my best and never give up.
             Many would wonder the reason I selected these career goals, well the answer is simple, the patients. All my life I knew that whatever career I chose had to center around helping people or changing peoples lives for the better. In Pharmaceutical Studies, I can help patients who are pain or have a disease. In Physical Therapy, I can assist patients with disabilities due to accidents or just by birth to cope and rehabilitate to the best of their ability. I know that by doing this I will touch a number of people's lives and this is just what I"m setting out to do. .
             I also plan to maintain a high and steady GPA as well as join a sorority or any other clubs, organizations or activities that interest me. I fully understand that entering college is a very crucial and transitional period for young men and women and many things are going to be new to me, but I feel that I can adjust well to change and new experiences. My plan is to keep my career goal as my first a foremost priority, to strive for excellence to never give up.

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