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The Two Types of Chinese People in America

            To every other race in the world, Chinese people look like Chinese people even though some are born in the United States and most are born in China. American-born Chinese, or ABC's, have drifted away from the typical Asian self-effacing stereotype to the more outgoing Asians we see that are developing in society today. The Chinese people we see immigrating to America still possess the more conservative Asian image. The Chinese immigrants are the ones we see in society with the shy personality and having the more intelligentsia characteristics. Having the same physical characteristics contrastingly social life, language, and culture differentiates the two types of Chinese people apart from each other. .
             Chinese immigrants tend to stick to the same type of background of friends when at the United States. In today's community, one will observe that Asians are beginning to appear in the social scene in the United States, but these Asians are not the ones that just come from China. When a person enters a new land and is unfamiliar with the culture and language, the certain individual tends to hold back and becomes bashful. This is similar to when a Chinese immigrant comes to America; the foreigner seems to form friendly relationships with only other people who emigrate from China as well. Many of these Chinese immigrants do not associate themselves with other Americans for the fact that they seem to choose to stay closer to their own customs and language and do not receive change well. As for American-born Chinese people, it seems that they tend to associate mainly with other Asian races and not just other Chinese people. These ABC's grow up with the different types of Asian people around them which makes them accustomed to their differences. The Chinese immigrants can't simply adjust to these different Asian cultures instantaneously to be comfortable in making friends with other Asian cultures.

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