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Influences on the Life of a Teenager

            Influences on the Life of a Teenager.
             When it comes to their morals, values and behaviour media, friends and even family have a huge influence on them. The shows and games that have been going on in the media will do nothing but harm and trigger a teenager's imagination. Friends can pressure other friends into unwanted acts and the way a child is brought up by family can determine the way they turn out. .
             Teenagers are conditioned to falsely believe that advertising and anything on the media reflects the real world. There have been huge problems involving teenagers being violent due to what's going on in the media. TV shows, movies, video games, websites and music celebrate violence and have an enormous impact on the shaping of imagination in young peoples minds. Perhaps teenagers solve their problems the way their favourite character in a movie or TV show will do who are often also young adults. There are also more violent games for Playstation and Nintendo then I care to name. Websites and many famous singers portray violence as a way to get by. Many young people idolize these singers and their actions rub off on them. We live in a country that thrives on violence. A prime example is the situation that Jonathon Wamback was put in. He was beaten so badly by a gang of guys that he is now paralysed for life. These teenagers are getting horrible thoughts and ideas put in their brain from the media and they are reflecting the media in real life situations. Even if the situation is not brutally or fatally injuring someone I encounter situations on a regular basis in which probably wouldn't occur if the media did not portray violence. So until, violence is stopped on the media it will not be reduce among adolescence. .
             Friends also have a huge impact on teenager's morals and values, which can lead to, unwanted behaviour. Teenagers are pressured in many situations when they are with their friends.

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