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Musics Influence On Teenagers

             In this day and age music plays a major part in many teenagers" lives. Being a teenager myself I understand this, and I would most definitely agree that it influences us in certain ways. Although when I hear stories of kids blaming music on there actions I am sickened.
             On good days we all listen to music as well on bad days. Most of us listen to music more on our bad days to cheer us up when we have nothing left to turn to. It's hard to try to turn to your parents and have them say not right now. When words in music can relate so much to what's going on. So we drift away in our music. .
             So more and more we listen to music. Most of the songs are reaching out and telling us that we can be what we want to be. The upside to this is nothing gets to us when we listen to our music; the downside is people who look at us loose a sense of reality. Those people try to twist the fact that we listen to music. They say that we are influenced by it to act like something we're not. I hate to hear this nonsense; you are who you are not because of what music you listen to.
             One of my favorite songs is "Sing for the Moment" by Eminem. At one point in this song he says," They say music can alter moods and talk to you, well can it load a gun up for you, and cock it too. Well if it can, then the next time you assault a dude. Just tell the judge it was my fault and I"ll get sued." The words in this song describe exactly how I feel about the men and women who think music influences us to do stuff.
             Maybe one day people will realize that music doesn't influence us. It just helps us make it through life. Music gives us a place to go to in our minds. It gives us an escape route from everything that we need to hide from. Thanks to music I make it through everyday without a worry in my life.

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