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No Logo

            With the rise of large corporations come the bombardment of marketing and the depletion of honesty and integrity. Companies such as McDonald's and Nike, Disney and Starbuck's all have one major common asset. This asset being the gross money invested into their marketing strategy, to make the uninformed consumer buy their products. Naomi Klein, a columnist with the Globe and Mail, saw this as being a major problem in our society today. She sought to inform the public on the real issues behind marketing within large corporations. NO LOGO, is the product of consumer awareness, albeit far stretched in our time, Naomi produces a book divided into four major categories. Firstly, No Space, delving into issues such as publicity and its eagerness to spread within places such as big cities (i.e. Toronto, New York) and institutions High School's, Universities, Grade Schools where "the youth market is an untapped, wellspring of new revenue." Furthermore, No Choice chooses to expose how big corporations force consumers into buying their products by lowering prices and leaving no other options (i.e. Wal-Mart) Moreover, No Jobs depicts how companies are disloyal and unfair to their employees in many different aspects of the job world. Lastly, No Logo illustrates how people are choosing to fight back against Corporate America. Gary Marshall of Spike Magazine examines further, "No Logo is a book about brands, which means it's a book about popular culture - Golden Arches, the Nike "swoosh", Tommy Hilfiger jackets and Starbucks coffee. It's about the television you watch and the newspapers you read, the theme parks you visit and the films you go to see [ ] it's a book about everyday reality - or, rather, what lies behind it.".
             "Ads had to inform the existence of some new inventions, then convince them that their lives would be better if they used for example cars instead of wagons, telephones instead of mail and electric light instead of oil lamps.

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