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The Importance of College

             The unstable nature of today's economy has made competition in the workforce very fierce. The job market is becoming so competitive that anyone entering the workforce needs every advantage available to them. The most important thing need to compete for good jobs is a well-rounded college education. College provides you with the knowledge necessary to succeed and the validation of your knowledge that businesses require. The increasingly competitive nature of today's job market makes a college education essential to compete for the good jobs.
             College's most important element is to provide me with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the future. This is very important because, and don"t tell my boss or parents I admitted this as it would crush their fragile minds, I don"t know everything. There I said it but don"t bring it up again it hurts me to think about it and I will of course deny having said it. The pain that statement causes me is part of why college is so important to me and my future. The harder I work in school the closer that statement comes to being false and the better equipped I will be to compete for jobs in the workforce. .
             The second most important thing a college education will give me is, as my economics professor puts it, a piece of paper that puts me ahead of the people that don"t have one. A diploma will validate my knowledge and will set me apart from those that have not achieved this level of education. .

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