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Of Mice and Men

             Friendship, something everyone on the planet needs at one time or another in life. Without friendship, people cannot grow, learn to except differences and learn that not everything is just about them. Friendship is a friendly relation, or attachment, to a person, or between persons; affection arising from mutual esteem and good will. Friendship is all about trust, patience, understanding, listening, being there and most importantly, caring and love. It's like cooking a soup, without all the right ingredients, a soup will taste foul, or ruin a meal, just as a friendship will not allow you to grow, learn or experience things you need in life. Without any of that, a friendship cannot be or will not grow into a friendship to remember for a life. "This short novel allows Steinbeck to focus almost exclusively on one of the oldest issues in human relations: man's responsibility for his fellow man.""(World. Vol. 4, 1472) A few of the characters of the magnificent book, Of Mice and Men, have proved this.
             The most well-known and powerful friendship is between George and Lennie. They're friendship is one of those unexplainably, wonderful friendship with a special connection between the characters. Another growing friendship within the novel is the friendship between George, Lennie and Candy. Their friendship occurs while talking about the future and dreams. They decide to work together to make the dreams happen. The last friendship is the friendship between George and Slim. They're friendship is based on understanding and trust. The two men understand each other well. Friendship is a powerful theme between George, Lennie, Candy and Slim in .
             Of Mice and Men because they don't have anyone else in their lives and are lonely.
             The 3 friendships that develop within the novel all have one thing in common; all the characters are lonely and need to have a friendship. Candy, probably the most elderly working man on the job.

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