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Fashion: Back to the Future

             From runways and designer shows, to city streets and suburban neighborhoods, 70's fashion can be seen everywhere. These classic styles are making a triumphant comeback. Fashion designers have blown the dust off of their vintage wares, gone back to the drawing board, and reintroduced the feel of the 70's styles. The colors, non-traditional patterns, plentiful styles and array of fabrics are affordably back in demand. In colors ranging from bright blues to earth-tones, tie-dye to stars and stripes, these goods can be seen on every generation, from toddlers to baby boomers. Baggie jeans, logo sweatshirts and sneakers are giving way to a more antiquated sense of style.
             Hip-hugging and bell-bottom pants, bell-sleeved shirts, platform shoes and keen-toed boots are in every aspect of society, promoting a sense of the re-emerging decade. In both club-hopping and everyday wear, the old look is in. Bell bottoms have a more slender fit in the waist and hips, making the brll more pronounced. Hip-huggers are made to fit just to the tail bone, adjusting for the new millenium. The shirts, which range from rayon, cotton, polyester, spandex and various blends, are cut closer to the body without fitting uncomfortably. The bell sleeve shirts, are versatile and can give either a look of sophistication, if worn with stylish pants or a skirt, or can be casual yet sleek, if worn with jeans, while holding to "urban" trends. The platform shoe has even been refined. Boots, shoes, sandals and even sneakers have been "updated" to look like they came straight from the disco era.
             Clothes aren't the only signs that the 70's are alive and kicking in today's world of fashion. Hairstyles have made a 360 degree turn around. Hairstyles like wigs, cornrow braids, ponytails, Afros and the "natural" look have been upgraded to fit any and every hair type. No longer seen on just African-Americans, everyone with hair can be seen rocking an updated version of one of these styles.

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