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            Greece is home to a diverse mixture of peoples and cultures. Rather than allowing this to create tension and "culture clash," somehow this nation has managed to embrace these dissimilarities and flourish. A mixture of old-world customs and traditions remain in Greece, although it is very much a part of the modern world. .
             Greece is geographically situated at the south of the Balkan Peninsula. As the word peninsula suggests, it is surrounded by seas on three sides; the Ionian, Mediterranean, and the Aegean. Throughout its history, Greece has been very segmented, both culturally and politically. This is very likely due to its mountainous geography. Approximately 75% of Greece's 50,944 square miles is covered in mountains, pushing many areas into isolation. Not until modern times have these regions been merged to create the cultural mixture present in Greece today.
             The Greek climate is quite favorable. It is a mild, Mediterranean climate, common to many southern European countries. In the summers however, temperatures can become quite extreme, drying up the rivers. Therefore, water is usually saved from the rainy winters to be used during the dry season. It allows for good agriculture. Greece is among the leading producers of olives and raisins. Other crops farmed in the country include wheat, corn, tomatoes, and citrus fruits. As suitable as the climate is for sustaining a fairly agrarian society, Greece, like most of the rest of the world, has chosen to modernize, and turn to industry, in place of agriculture for economic dependence.
             What are known as service industries are what sustain this nation financially. They make up more than 60% of the country's wealth. Generally, this means any work involving humans. Ironically, this work is usually provided by the state. This is no coincidence. As a result of World War II, Greece's economy was drilled into the ground. The value of the lira, Greek currency, declined greatly, and the government needed a way of picking up the pieces.

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