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Catnap Pet Products

             Given its volume growth and supply chain process changes, what technology challenges will CPP face?.
             Catnap Pet Products will be facing some new technology challenges with the new contracts developed with PETCO and Target. Primarily, being up to date with these new technology requirements is a must. Having the right software, management, transportation and production needs will be a long and meticulous challenge to deal with. However, if CPP strives to adjust and improve their technology use and practices, they can succeed. .
             2. As the scope of the CPP supply chain expands, which information technology capabilities will be most important for the company to pursue?.
             Catnap Pet Products supply chain expands and grows only with the proper implemented information technology. The most important need that Catnap Pet Products will face is technical utilization with cloud computing and third-party logistics (3PL's). Cloud computing will be able to provide on-demand network abilities for use across the company. CPP will be able to set up a cloud network for suppliers to have access to update how things are progressing on their end of the supply chain. In turn, CPP can relay to the suppliers and customers amounts of products that are needed and any possible shipping delays. Cloud computing also gives the ability for the costs and benefits to be shared mutually. .
             Third-party logistics (3PL's) will also be needed to help with PETCO and Target's large transportation management, warehouse management, and global trade management needs. Having these areas handled for the much larger organizations will ease stress and extra costs. .
             3. From an information-sharing standpoint, how will the requirements of PETCO and Target differ from CPP's current customer base? How should CPP respond to these requirements?.
             With PETCO and Target being much larger organizations than CPP is usually dealing with, the need for clear communication as well as the practice of trust that the information that is shared between the organizations is not misused or disclosed to outside parties is vital.

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