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Marginalization in the Movie Gattaca

            The visual text Gattaca directed by Andrew Niccol, uses conventions to construct the protagonist Vincent Freeman's version of identity (as marginalized and disempowered ) but as being determined to overcome the discriminatory values and attitudes of his society. Gattaca tells the story of an invalid, who defies the odds and overcomes societies view of him. More about the society here " plot recount in a line or two future setting. The use of dialogue constructs Gattaca's society as valuing superior genetics. The camera shots construct Vincent's determination to overcome his version of identity dictated by Gattaca's society. The use of shot order (? Plot sequence?) constructs Vincent's triumph over the valid world. Vincent Freeman uses his determination to overcome his version of identity dictated by Gattaca's societies values and attitudes, allowing him to triumph the valid world. Intro needs some work the rest " make the question that you are responding to clearer.
             Gattaca's society is constructed as valuing superior genetics, marginalizing those who do not possess this commodity, the invalids. The dialogue shows Gattaca's societies values and attitudes through (?) the invalid Vincent Freeman. When the viewer is first introduced to Vincent he states; "I belong to a new underclass, no longer determined by social status or the color of skin." This identifies the uttermost importance and overruling factor of genetics because those with defective and poor quality genes are undermined and discriminated against. This form of marginalizing the invalids by grouping them as an 'underclass', highlights the value of superior genes. As Vincent explains the process of obtaining a job he explains; 'my real resume was in my cells'. This identifies how in Gattaca, genes are a commodity because a resume is an application or an object that you physically hand over and be assessed on.

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