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            Imagine living in a world where every baby that is born can be healthy, free of genetic defects or risk of developing diseases. A world where the potential for great music or math skills can be engineered into a person before they are even an embryo, a world in which people are better, stronger thanks to science. Now imagine that same world with just one catch: it can only be done for a price. Genetic engineering can provide a person to be genetically superior in all aspects but one. The problem is there"isn't a gene for the human spirit or what others call belief". The question that surfaces is, if a person is made to be perfect free of all flaws, can they exceed their own potential? A person's potential can only truly be measured at the sight of adversity, defeat, and ability to want to succeed. Gattaca is a movie that shows that in a world where almost everyone is built to be perfect there's always room for improvement and growth. People are able to exceed their potential on the basis that they don't focus on their flaws nor their perfection but on their desire to do something. In the movie Gattaca people are forced to live their lives according to what their DNA says whether they like it or not. Everything is based on their ability to perform according to their genetic make-up. Because of that reason people are leading boring lives because they have lost the desire to do things. They no longer do things for the pleasure of it, but for the mere reason that they "have been given all the gifts required for such an undertaking". They are told what they are capable of doing and don't desire to do more or even less. In a particular scene involving a Detective and Anton in the monitoring room, they ask the Flight Director an important question, "Why do you keep monitoring your personal?" The Director is quick to answer, "in order to see if they are meeting their potential". Then the Director is asked if a person is able to exceed their potential and the answer given is no.

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