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North, South and the Civil War

            Soon after the election of Abraham Lincoln, the secession of the southern states, and the fall of Fort Sumter, the Union and the Confederate states were preparing to fight what would become the bloodiest war in American history. The northern and southern adversaries each possessed strengths - and weaknesses - economically, militarily, politically, socially and diplomatically. But the northern states had an impressive economic advantage, which gave them more capital to invest in the production of weapons and other supplies that would guarantee them a stronger military. The north also had stronger, more established manufacturing facilities, which were capable of producing large quantities of artillery and ammunition. Another northern state advantage was the massive number of immigrants who were ready, willing and able to accept jobs and receive training in factories; hubs of cranking out artillery, ammunition and everything required for travel, battles and a potentially long-term war. .
             The southern states had many strengths as well; mainly consistent cotton production and the slaves required to make it happen. Although growing cotton and maintaining a large work-force of slaves were advantageous, their disadvantages outweighed any of their strengths. Once was the reliance of cotton production. The North had different sources of income like clothing factories, agriculture, and others. In the other hand, the South's main source of income was cotton production. Who mainly ran these factories? Slaves. Depending on slaves to do the work was a huge issue for the South. If there were ever to be an amendment on abolishing slavery, the South would be left in chaos. Also if the slaves had found the opportunity to rebel, the South would be left with nothing. Another advantage of the North was their advanced and condensed railroads. These railroads gave them to transport weapons and troops faster within the Northern territory.

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