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The Color Purple

            "Walking down to Harpo and Sofia house it feel just like old times. Got on some dark blue pants and a white silk skirt that look righteous. Little red flat-heel slippers and flower in my hair. I past Mr.______ house and him sitting up on the porch and he didn"t even know who I was.".
             This is a perfect example of change in Celie, not only does she look different but she is aware of it. Changes in Celie are subtle; for example, her language changes slowly and become more descriptive. Walker reveals these details in accordance with the development of her characters, therefore, maintaining our interest. As the book unfolds, so do the narrators. The details are disclosed with a certain element of subtlety and it seems to be a slow process. This maintains our interest as we wish to find out what happens to the narrators. However, there are other ways in which our interest is encouraged. For example, the first few letters unveil a horrible truth about Celie's earlier days. This isn"t done by the details of change in her life, attitudes and feelings but purely by the abrupt, harsh reality of it. Nettie's Letters also lack these changes but do however, maintain our interest.
             Changes in Celie particularly, are demonstrated subtlety, unfolding and encouraging our interests. This development in her character starts to become obvious within her language. She becomes much more observant and descriptive. "I lavish butter" and "I sop up ham and splosh my eggs." This is reinforced by Celie's new devious and witty behaviour. To make Shug eat she cooks a delicious breakfast and "sort of wave it about" so that Shug will smell it and eat it. This development comes along side a new descriptive Celie and we are interested in how she will go on to develop. .
             The statement talks about (a plural) narrators meaning Celie and Nettie and so when looking at Nettie contributions to the book it is a little less evident.

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