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Why I Want to be a Special Education Major

            My interest in Special Education has been something I have had in me for a very long time. My mother is a Special Education teacher and has made my sister and I a part of her class and her out of class activities for as long as I can remember. So I have had a lot of experience with those who have physical and mental handicaps. Not only in the classroom but also at the Special Olympics. I have been a volunteer at the Special Olympics for almost nine years. I enjoy the time I spend with the kids and the adults. I feel like I could make a difference in the education of special needs students. For my clinical teaching hours I went to my Mom's school. For the first time in the many times I have been to her school, I actually realized what it takes to be a Special Ed. teacher.
             As a Special Ed. teacher I would be a strong influence on the students, yet very understanding. I know that you cannot be too lenient because things will not get done; but you have to understand that they need more help, guidance, patience and time. I have a great deal of patience and I know I could give them the time necessary. I am doing well in my first special education class SED145, and I find it rather interesting. I think I possess the qualities that make a good Special Ed. teacher and I hope to get into the major.

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