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Experiment - Genetically Modified Foods

             Genetically modification involves processes that allow scientist to create new plants and animals by taking a certain gene from plants or animals and inserting it into the cells of a new plant or animal(3). Genetically modified organisms (GMOs), the name of the newly created organism, have a great controversy about it. Most consumers are not even aware that they are buying genetically modified food or do they know what this process even means. Detection of the difference between normal food and food containing GMOs can be done through a method called polymerase chain reaction (PCR), which can synthesize million of copies of a specific DNA sequence in a simple reaction with the proper primers(2). The ability to amplify these DNA sequence allows scientists to further analyze these DNA sequence using gel-electrophoresis. By measuring the length of base pairs, foods can be distinguished from conventional food or GM food. PCR has been found to be appropriate for the analysis of food in comparison to ELISAs (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays), which relies on testing food at their protein level because proteins would most likely be destroyed after processing(1). In the experiment, the test food will be mixed with both plant and GMO primers to go through PCR. If the test food produce a band after PCR with the addition of GMO primer, then the test food is genetically modified because it is able to amplify its DNA sequence with GMO primers. Also in this experiment, negative and positive controls will be set up to monitor any contaminations of the food that might affect the results of this experiment. Aside from food, PCR has great variety of uses in the current medical research. Often times PCR is used for forensic science as well(2).
             Materials and Methods.
             The experiment starts with 1 gram of test food being grinded down with 10mL of distilled water in a mortar. After 4 minutes of grinding, dilute it with distilled water to obtain a 1:100 solution.

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