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My Plan for One United Religion

            Throughout history, people worldwide have expressed their idea of a "just" God who watches over all and protects the good while punishing the bad. The problem with this is that there are too many Gods; who is to know which one is correct. By default, many people are born into their religion not ever given the chance to explore or consider other religions as an option. Because of this, people are forced, at a young age, into learning their family religion as well as learning to hate opposing beliefs that are threatening. One must consider his/her personal religious values when explaining it to children in order for them to fully understand why it is a wonderful thing. The outcome of having one world religion would do three very important things that society struggles with today having multiple religions. One is the halt of all "religious" wars. Two, the unification of all world leaders and countries, and finally with the world as one government, it can focus on solving homeland problems such as starvation, homelessness, and unemployment. .
             Here I will tell you about my personal "single" religion, it will contain many fragments of current religions world-wide, and however none will be mentioned. The focus of my religion would contain fragments of many religions throughout the world. The belief in a heaven and a hell would still exist, however one would not maintain in hell for eternity for being bad. Instead individuals would have to consistently become reborn into a life that they despised in their past when they thought so highly of themselves. For example, if you were and extreme racist towards another race and were violent towards them then you would then be born again into that race to suffer like you made them suffer. Life after death would be the reward of living as a good person and only they would have the choice of reliving again as flesh. Your single identity would be kept spiritually however the human body would be forever changing.

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