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Violence in Video Games

            The Crazy Reenactment of Tall Tale Heart.
             It all started on a normal day; I mean a normal day. Not like a super normal day because I was going to kill my roommate with an electric razor, but I do not have bad intentions. My vexing roommate is about 6" 7" with a unibrow. He has been my roommate in college for some time now, but that unibrow, the heavy unibrow, was really starting to get on my nerves. I had planned to kill him for some time now, but I just couldn"t get myself to do it. I mean he is so innocent and happy just lying there with his unibrow on his forehead. Nevertheless, today was different, I would kill him, I really would, MWAHAHAHAHAHA .
             OK, now I will get to the point. The last few days I have been looking at his unibrow when he was sleeping, but it was motionless, well of course it was, he was sleeping. Well, whenever I would walk into his room, I would flash a flashlight in his unibrow. He would just stay there and sleep, not knowing what was happening. It was a genius idea, my most brilliant plan to date. This time when I walked into his room, he heard me and got up. I saw his unibrow move, rage filled me, and I had no possible control. He stood there in the dark and did not move for about five minutes then got into bed again.
             "It's just the crazy teens next door," he whispered in a shaky voice.
             He was about to go to sleep when I violently busted into his room with a battery-powered razor. HA, did not see that coming, a battery powered razor Ha. OK now back to the story . I went for his unibrow, but he fought back and he got the shaver and somehow threw it out the window. He wrestled me to the floor and banged a chair over my head. I became conscious again and quickly called the police. They came and arrested my roommate.
             "I"ll get you!" he screamed.
             HAHAHAHA it was a great plan. I got rid of my roommate, and he was sent to jail for five years. Now I can play the radio and my CD's as loud as I want! There is no way I am confessing to this.

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