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            The theory behind smoking is that it is physically and physiologically addictive. During World War II, in some of the various concentration camps in Germany, prisoners were not given enough food to fulfill the minimum caloric nutritional requirements. They were literally starving to death, and a common practice among smoking prisoners was to trade away their scarce supply of food for cigarettes. Even today, in underdeveloped countries, such as Bangladesh, parents with starving children would barter away essential food for cigarettes. This is not normal behavior. .
             During the one of the "stop smoking clinics" in St Paul, MN numerous participants admitted to going through garbage cans, ashtrays, and gutters looking for butts that still had a few puffs left. To them, it is sick to think that they ever performed such a grotesque act, but many realize that if they were currently smoking and again caught in a similar predicament, they would be fully capable of repeating the repulsive incident.
             If you ask almost any current smoker why she continues to smoking they will normally reply, "Because I like smoking." While that person may say this in all honesty, it is a very misleading statement, both to the listener and to the smoker. They do not smoke because they enjoy smoking; rather because they don't enjoy not smoking. The smoker is in a constant battle to maintain a narrow range of nicotine in their blood stream (serum nicotine level (SNL)). Every time the smoker's serum nicotine level falls below the minimum limit, they experience a type of "drug withdrawal". Usually they become tense, irritable, and anxious and, in some cases, and the more secretions cases show physical symptoms. They don't enjoy feeling these withdrawals. The only thing that will get rid of these symptoms will be a cigarette. The nicotine loss is then replenished and the smoker feels better.
             Many Smokers believe they continue to smoke because of their self-destructive attitude.

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