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How the Early Colonists Gained Their Independence

            The thirteen colonies were separated into three regions: the New England colonies, the Middle colonies, and the Southern colonies .The these colonies varied significantly from territory to territory. Even the very reason for founding of these colonies differed from one another. The major differences that existed varied in that of religion, economics, and the roles of African Americans and women, society and education. Even though these colonies suffered from a multitude differences, they were still able to overcome them to defeat England and win the American Revolution due to their unified mistreatment by England. .
             To completely understand the diversity among the thirteen colonies, it is imperative to know the composition of the thirteen colonies and the reasons in which they were founded. The New England colonies consisted of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. New York, New Jersey, and Delaware were considered the Middle Colonies while the Southern Colonies were made up of Virginia, Maryland, North and South Carolina, and Georgia. The southern colonies were initially settled by pilgrims under a royal charter to the Virginia Company. Stock holders and settlers expected to gain profits such as gold and crops. The middle colonies were originally settled by the Dutch, then Sweden, and finally the English. Quakers under William Penn were given a royal charter to develop an area as they saw fit. The New England colonies, however, were settled by puritans in what was namesd Jamestown. After strict adherence to a godly community, dissenters eventually left to establish their own new colonies.
             Religion differed in importance between each region of colonies. The middle colonies, for instance, was made up of Quakers, Catholics, Jews, Protestants. In this region religious tolerance was the rule which was extremely out of place in the other colonies view. Religion also played a very minimal role in the economy and politics.

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