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What are the Basic Beliefs and practices of Judaism, Christi

            Assignment: Discuss each of the three faiths studied.
             What are the basic beliefs and practices of Judaism, Christianity and Islam? .
             Compare what the religions have in common (what the religions share) and how they differ.
             The study of religious history is to me, one of the most difficult histories to study. It has been said that history is written by the victorious, but when religion is involved, there are many variables and few victors.
             Judaism, Christianity and Islam all are Western theistic religions based on the one (monotheistic) god of Abraham, the father of the Hebrews. .
             Judaism's central belief is that God created everything and gave human beings free will to choose between good and bad. Since God created every one, the people of all religions are children of God. Judaism does not require that a person convert to Judaism in order to achieve salvation. The only requirement to achieve salvation is to be ethical and that following the Jewish law is the best guide to help lead an ethical lifestyle.
             The Jewish religion is rich in family and tradition. Life is sacred. There is not a defined sense of Heaven and Hell; instead there is a distance from God after death measured by a person's earthly behavior. God uses the afterlife to provide ultimate justice. .
             Christianity and Islam originated from Judaism. Many of the Judaistic teachings, beliefs and traditions have precipitated into the Christian and Islamic religions. All three religions are similar in their description of the relationship with God. .
             Basic Beliefs and Practices.
             Jews are the descendants of Abraham, the father of the Hebrews. .
             The Old Testament is just part of the Jewish history. Six distinctive concepts define the Jewish faith: .
             The idea of one, all-powerful, all-good God was the foundation of the Jewish faith that separated the Jews from the many polytheistic religions of their time.

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