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The Philosophy of Happiness

             and has enlightened the minds of many throughout the years. Still, today philosophers are uncovering new theories about modern society. Philosophy was very trendy in early Roman life; Lucretius (Epicurean) and Seneca (Stoic) were two well-known philosophers in Rome. Epicureans believe the highest good in life is pleasure: a peace of mind, or freedom from anxiety. On the contrary many believe fulfilling personal morals is the highest goal in life. Everybody's base of morals should include: being honest, humble, loyal, and an ethical person. "Honesty is the best policy" is an accurate representation of what everybody should base their being on, even 'little white lies' will collapse right in front of you. Always be humble although very successful in life, nobody admires an arrogant character. Loyalty is the most important of all the highest goals; you should show loyalty to all your loved ones, no one can be completely introverted and a person should show dependence with the people someone loves most. Being an ethical person is to have good morals and know what is wrong from right.
             True happiness is not only a concept it is a real thing and not just an illusion of the mind, 20-30% of people who have depression have an almost full recovery, which means everyone can find happiness if you never abandon that goal to be truly happy and contend with life. Happiness is never just a concept, nor does it exist to some and not to others. Happiness is within all of us, when one is going through an episode of not achieving true happiness everyone can pull through that rough stage and get complete peace of mind. Everyone needs/has their own "happy place" where they should escape to when in a rough patch, this imaginary or even actual place should be an escape and not a solution, even though you may find happiness in this place, people need to be able to come back to reality and face their life to find the actual being of happiness and not just the concept, because happiness is never a concept but a real state of mind.

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