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            Joseph Stalin and his influence on USSR.
             Joseph Vissarionovich Dzshugashvilli, also known as Joseph Stalin was a dictator of the Union of Soviet Republics from 1929 to 1953. Joseph Stalin was next in line to further improve USSR. Stalin was a very direct but paranoid person and dictator. He killed many thousands innocent people and exiled hundreds more. Although he did these unspeakable acts, he made many idealistic and beneficial acts that improved the Soviet Union in long and short term. Joseph Stalin was a vile and controlling dictator, but even through his dramatic experiences in life he was able to make the USSR a modern and powerful communist country.
             Joseph Stalin was a needed aspect in the USSR to make it grow. On Joseph's way to power he went through a lot of difficult and testing times. When he got into power he made sure his visions of the USSR were going to come true. He took direct control over many projects so that his vision would be shaped to his expectations. When things did not go Stalin's way he would be extremely malicious. Killing or exiling thousands of millions of people for simple mistakes. He had a dream to make the USSR change from a backward peasant society to a powerful industrialized nation. Stalin took major steps to make this happen and the USSR never looked back.
             Joseph Stalin's cruel behavior came from his childhood. Stalin was a son of a poor cobbler who often used to beat him which resulted in Stalin having many scars on his face. Stalin also suffered from blood poisoning which made on of his arms shorter than the other. As a child Stalin was always made fun of for his long nose and as an adult he reached to be only five foot four. Even though Stalin had so many misfortunes, he loved his mother who saved money for Joseph's education. As Russian wasn't Joseph's first language, he learnt it by the time he was nine. After graduating from school faster than any other student of his age, Joseph's mother enrolled her son in the Tiflis Orthodox Theological Seminary in 1893, where he also received high marks due to his extraordinary memory.

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