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Healthcare - National Strategies and Policies

            Health care involves all services relating to the prevention, identification and treatment of illness, disease, injury or any other mental and physical impairment associated with human beings. Qualified practitioners in medicine, pharmacy, nursing, dentistry, allied health, midwifery, psychology, optometry and other health care professions offer health services. This relates to the tasks associated with public health services as well as primary, secondary and tertiary care (Baker, 2008). The extent to which one can access health services varies across individuals, groups and countries and is not only dependent on the economic and social conditions but also the implemented health care policies. Health care systems are the established organizations that aim at meeting the health requirements of targeted populations. In most jurisdictions and countries, the planning of health services is the government's mandate and other recognized coordinating bodies whereas in some, the planning becomes the responsibility of the market participant's (Baker, 2008). The World Health Organization reveals that for a country's health system to be termed as functioning it has to incorporate a strong finance mechanism, a fully trained and highly motivated workforce, and reliable data on which to back their policies and decisions and adequately maintained healthcare facilities. It is also important to have a robust logistics framework to speed up the delivery of effective medicines and services. This paper presents a comprehensive analysis on the scope of health services and the effects of health systems in providing sustainable and enduring health care solutions. .
             Throughout the World, the provision of primary health care services has been important in attaining acceptable health levels. This is in line with the character of social justice and social development. For the delivery of quality and affordable health services, sound technical knowledge is critical.

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