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Hologram Traffic Lights with Teleportation System

            Research shows that in year 2013, 265 people died in 138 accidents from plane crashes worldwide. However, research also shows that in average each year, only in the United States, there are about 1,000 deaths and 90,000 people injured from crossing red lights. Many more people have died and are injured from traffic light accidents. Which means, this is a severe issue. Furthermore the family of those being killed and wounded suffer emotionally and financially. The bread maker of the house might've been person killed and there's not going to be anyone to support the family. The members of the family and anyone else close to the person who have died might also have a trauma, making them unable to work either. The person causing the accident could be an important person, like a scientist, making a huge contribution to society, but they'll be unable to work or be fired from work because of the needless accident. When an accident takes place, there's going to be damage that someone's paying for. The hospitals, especially in China are already crowded enough without an extra 1,000 – 90,000 patients annually. If there was a technology to prevent such accidents, hospitals could be treating more patients with unpreventable diseases or illnesses and there will be less suffers. I believe a hologram traffic light with teleportation system would reduce and even stop all accidents. .
             The hologram traffic light with teleportation system is a future technology I wish to create. It will project a large hologram instead of a tiny red light. The field covered will be from one side of the road to the other, insuring there are no spaces uncovered where any type of object could fit through. This is because one, making sure that every driver and pedestrian could see the hologram clearly to stop in time, and two, a car or pedestrian needs to touch the hologram for the teleportation system to activate, so if they can squeeze through a hole, then the teleportation system would be meaningless.

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