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Exploratory Essay - Overweight America

            America is one of the most overweight countries in the world. That being said, why aren't PE classes required for at least grade school students? Unhealthy and overweight kids can lead to an unhealthy adulthood. It is important to realize that a healthy lifestyle starts in adolescence and that's why kids should get started as early as possible. You might ask, why is it so important to make sure that children live healthier? Why can't they do what they want? Or why can't it be up to the parent? First, studies show that physically active children, kids, and teens have better self-esteem, tend to be in a better mood and perform better academically. Also, living a healthier and more fit lifestyle carries into adulthood. When adults are overweight and obese it can hinder daily activity and sometimes they aren't able to work. The purpose of raising awareness on this issue is so that parents, guardians, and taxpayers know how important it is for grade school kids to take gym classes for long term benefits.
             The people who would find this the most important would probably be parents, guardians, teachers, taxpayers, and maybe even the children who don't get enough physical activity on a regular basis. Some parents don't even realize that their kid is overweight. Parents and guardians of overweight and obese children might find this information beneficial for the sake of their children's current self-esteem, academic performance, mood and future health problems. All of which can be improved by adequate daily activity that can take place at school. I think kids would be surprised at how many benefits there are to physical activity and if they don't understand, parents should help them realize there is nothing but benefits to living a healthier lifestyle and should help enforce that at home.
             Hundreds of other people have already stated their opinion on this issue. A majority of Americans are in favor of making gym classes required all years of grade school in order to graduate.

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