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The Great Gatsby

            Discuss the importance of setting in a novel you have studied.
             The Setting in the novel "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fritzgerald is extremely important. It provides us with some hidden clues about each character's personality , which will foreshadow their actions and motives in the novel. The setting also is symbiolic of Fritzgerald's satire of 1920s New York lifestyle , most important of all , brings out the themes of American dream , money and romantic love.
             The Midwest is where Nick has been living all his life "My Family has been prominent , well to do people in this Middle Western city for three generations", It is a place of tradition , security , and where family values are more important than money.".a complacent from growing up in the Carraway house in a city where dwellings are still called through decades by a family's name" From descriptions of the Midwest , and from Nick's speech about his father's advice , " "Whenever you feel like criticising anyone ." he told me , "just remember that all the people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've had." " we can assume that Nick is a open-minded , trustworthy and perhaps a little naive. Nick heads to New York in hoping to make some money ,he is obviously trying to ride the American Dream , just like other Midwesterners before him , Tom , Daisy , Jordan and Gatsby.
             Nick arrives in West Egg , the "less fashionable of the two" Egg , the people there are the success stories of the American Dream , most of them start out poor , middle-class to extremely wealthy in a matter of years.
             "It took me (Gatsby) just three years to earn the money that bought it ( his mansion) ".
             Gatsby's mind evolves around the American Dream , he thinks that with money , he could buy back loss time and love between Daisy and him , even though their relationship has ended five years ago and Daisy is now married with a child. " "Can't repeat the past" he (Gatsby) cried incredulously .

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