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Persuasian in Twelve Angry Men

            Persuasion is an attempt to influence a person's beliefs, attitudes, intentions, motivations, or behaviors. Persuasion began with the Greeks and from then on people began to incorporate it into modern day theories. There are many tactics to use persuasion. After viewing the film "Twelve Angry Men" I noticed that the characters were however using these exact methods that the textbook emphasized on. In their arguments, each juror seeks to influence the position of the rest of the jury members.
             The story is based in New York City in 1957 where an 18 year old boy is being put on trial for stabbing his father to death. In the opening scene you hear the judge giving his final instructions to the jury to conclude if the boy is guilty of murder. The judge also informs them that if they come to a guilty decision the boy will be given a mandatory death sentence. The jury then moves to a private room in the courthouse where they decide to take a short break before discussing their decisions. The film makes it seem that during this break you already know that the decision will be guilty and they plan on telling the judge the verdict with little discussion.
             During the first vote all except one voted that the boy was guilty. Throughout their arguments, he provides notions that claim the boy's innocence. This is Juror Eight. Out of all the jurors he uses ethos as a persuasive technique successfully. While using this technique, he is able to persuade other characters throughout the film to his side of the argument, allowing for the verdict called upon at the end of the story. Juror Eight is called upon several times to explain his reasoning behind his decision which contradicts the others opinions. Then when stating the facts, juror eight pulled out a knife just like the one that the boy supposedly used to kill his dad. The boy knowing how to use the knife because of the way he was brought up is an example of ethos.

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