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Twelve Angry Men

             The film Twelve Angry Men is an excellent tool to use to elaborate the original play because it provides an alternate visualization about the storyline, and it allows a different perspective from the director's viewpoint.
             Although the film is a useful tool, it is not as accurate as the original play. It tends to leave out some of the aspects of the play such as a part of the end scene which has juror number three handing juror number eight the knife with a high level of tension as he said dramatically, "not guilty". In the film, that aspect of the play is left out. The tension level is very different aswell. The play shows how tension is a major factor by allowing the reader to recognize the characters' difficulties in achieving the correct verdict. The film has a tendency to not focus on that aspect as much as the play.
             The film, however, is an excellent advantage to compare the visualization that was taken from the play, to the director's perspective. In the play, it is sometimes difficult to receive a direct and appropriate visualization of some of the jurors who are not as evident as other jurors, such as number three and number eight who are clearly the main antagonist and protagonist. The film allows the viewer to gain a more complete viewpoint about the flat types of characters. It even enables the viewer to gain a sense of how the characters interact with eachother with a great amount of clarity, which might have been missed when reading the play.
             The film also shows the viewer the time frame of the story. It permits the viewer to gain a sense of both when and where the story took place. It is filmed in black and white in contrast to colour which allows the viewer to make a comparison of how the judicial system was in the nineteen fiftys compared to the present day trials. It is also very simple to see what aspects effect each juror's decision and how prejudice was a major factor in the storyline.

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