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Multi-Agency Public Protection

            Managing risk and predicting dangerousness of offenders has been and is continually developing. It remains a difficult subject and many theorists such as Kemshall, Pycroft & Nash have proposed new ways of dealing with such offenders. Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements was introduced in 2000, with an aim to improve the management of sexual and violent offenders. It was model designed to enable various agencies to work alongside one another, providing relevant information and assisting in the management of sexual of violent offenders collaboratively. Sexual and violent crimes receive extensive media coverage, often generating anxiety and moral panics within the general public. The media portray such offenders as highly dangerous psychopaths who can be difficult if not impossible to manage by the Criminal Justice system. In the case of baby P, his mother was often portrayed as 'evil' in the headlines and when released from prison the daily mail's headline was 'Why did they free my evil daughter? (Daily Mail, 31st October 2013). 'On 30th October 2014, the Telegraph reported that a total of 174 registered sex offenders and violent criminals being supervised by probation officers were charged with a serious further offence in 2013 (Telegraph, 31st October 2014). This begs the question as to whether Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements is an efficient way of dealing with sexual and violent offenders and the risk these pose. .
             This assignment, will seek to explore the introduction of MAPPA, the legislation that underpins it, statistics that support MAPPA and it will critically analyse the effectiveness of restrictive measures placed on those deemed as 'high risk dangerous offenders'. Alternative approaches in the management and rehabilitation of those deemed dangerous will be considered, looking at approaches to managing high risk offenders where the balance lies between restrictive and constructive interventions.

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