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The Negative Effects of GMOs

            A genetically modified organism (GMO) is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. In recent years, GMOs have replaced our diet with genetically altered foods, which have harmfully affected human health as well as local communities and environments. Genetically modified organisms should not be made for any reason because it is very dangerous and therefore their results contradict the main purpose, their exposure to people can cause negative human health risks, and their usage usually results in long term damages to the environment.
             One reason GMOs should not be used is because in most cases, they never work right. EPAs ecological guidelines state "risk characterization includes scientific uncertainties" [Jou]. These scientific uncertainties can outcome in the destruction of the environment, but there isn't enough knowledge to determine if that'll happen. Also according to Peter Barfoot, who launched PG Economics, GMOs can cause "[greater] environmental gains [that are] in developed countries [Their] usage of herbicides [have] traditionally been highest" [Bar14]. When high rates of GMOs occur, it negatively affects environmental surroundings. This proves that GMOs should be stopped, because instead of the herbicides and environmental impacts reducing, they're at their highest in developed countries. Likewise, Rajan states, "Uncertainty [Among] GMOs, is a problem that is difficult to address"[Jou]. The problem with GMOs is we can't tell what will happen, because they don't always do what they were intended to do, making societies weary of the risks they can bring. .
             In addition to why GMOs should be avoided is because they negatively affect mankind. Microbiologist state that "if genetic modification is carried out extensively, new viruses with greater potential to harm mankind may evolve anytime, and the probability of this occurring can be quite high" [God13].

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