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My Personal Statement - Who I Am

             It affects us in so many ways! I do wonder why certain policies adopted by the government are harmful to the nation's growth, and saving rates between countries differs. This is why I'm interested in pursuing economics as a degree because it's about how human behaviour interacts with scarce resources to make ends meet. I personally enjoy knowing what revolves around me which includes new cultures, social importance and politics.
             It all started from my father. He spends a lot of time talking about how politics, culture and social norms affect the way the people in the society behaves and what's important to them in this country. It all makes sense and interesting when I decided to pick up economics in college. It is at this point I am on the same page with my father when we have a conversation regarding any of these topics. Let it be decisions made by the government or corporate giants. The conversation is very lively because it challenges our mind to think about those issues. Most of the times we automatically assume that it's beyond our ability to comprehend it but it's not that hard to figure out what and why were those decisions made. It is this kind of conversation where economics becomes a part of me. .
             Apart from that, the books I've read kept my interest alive. One of them would be the "Economics: The User's Guide," by Ha-Joon Chang. This book by far reignited my interest for economics because he makes economics not only simple for everyone but he emphasised on how important it is to know economics. His quotes are remarkable. For example, "economic is politics", "economics is too important to be left to the experts" and "95% of economics is common sense". This inspired me to make it a point to learn economics because I realize that it is the uninformed public that suffers. Therefore I've decided that after I graduate, I would like to join the big consulting firms to be able to influence that person's world.

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