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Speechs of Indian Prime Minisiter Narendra Modi

             After winning the most famous LokSabha election, India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached out to global superpowers along with India's neighboring countries for bilateral and multilateral ties for the country. His prime motive was to get foreign investment for the Indian economy, which is lately burgeoned due to the positive sentiment in the market. Modi's most recent visits were to the USA and Australia. He grabbed the attention of people by his speeches in Madison square, USA and Allphones arena, Sydney. Of course, given the powerful orator that he is, Modi repackaged much of the content effectively. Nonetheless, it could do little to hide the remarkable similarities between the two speeches, which were the language-Hindi. Modi's big show before┬áthe Indian diaspora at Sydney mirrored his appearance at New York's Madison Square Garden. Both the speeches were aimed not just at the wealthy and skilled NRI/PIO residents but also directed towards all the nations across the world, as Modi sought to persuade them to invest in the Indian economy. .
             He delivered his speeches in rhetoric manner and also highlighted his achievements after coming in to power. Besides, he also reiterated that his government will be successful in fulfilling the aspirations of Indians. Opposition parties in India, however, have labeled Modi's speeches as publicity stunts. Although, his speeches were more than publicity stunt and should be considered as Public Relations, since both the notions are parallel things. If you do public relations, publicity will follow you. .
             Differences Between Modi's Speeches.
             It is hard to find some serious differences between Modi speeches at Madison square and Allphones arena because Allphones arena speech was mirror of Madison square's Modi speech where he strongly propagated the idea of Make in India.

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