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Creating a Powerful Brand

            Creating a powerful brand value is essential in business. Exceptional brand value creates a good relationship between the seller and buyer. Customers buy into a company's product based on their perceived value of their money. If a company has a powerful and effective message that creates a democratic relationship with the customer, then the brand is a success. Creating powerful brands comes from strong marketing skills. Companies must have an equal balance of sales, advocacy, and awareness of not only the product that they are selling, but the message of the company itself. If a brand successfully achieves these three aspects, they will begin to build credibility and loyal customers. In addition, each brand must understand who their competitors are, and what makes them a better choice in comparison to those brands. .
             Customers buy products because they believe the product will be reliable, are the best option, are something that will suit them better than a competitor's product, and that the product was designed with them in mind. In order to build up this confidence, companies create brand values that show the customer that they are buying into their brand's promise, not just the product. "It is impossible to discuss branding in isolation from the context to which it belongs, because everything an organization does, from production through to eventual consumption, all adapt to and converge on the business value proposition that is offered to the customer. This value proposition has to have a name attached to it, so the brand name comes to represent everything a company does or strives to do" (Creating Powerful Brands).
             An example of a brand that creates a powerful message is Innocent. Innocent Drinks is a company that extends a message far beyond the product itself. They are heavily involved in sustainability projects. In addition, they establish a social media presence in a user-friendly way.

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