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Continuing Problems of Modern-Day Racism

            Most Americans have been taught that the civil rights movement ended in 1968, but the harsh reality is that the struggle still continues today for minorities as a whole, and the problems have been manifesting themselves for decades. Modern American racism is a cause of many detrimental social issues. The decline of urban America fueled by white flight, the rise and poisonous grip of the drug trade, the reaction to it, and the abuse of minorities have been major issues that America has struggled with on the racial front for years, and have yet to find any viable solutions to. .
             America was an empire, the alpha in international affairs, both economic and militarily, but now it is an empire on the decline. The cities were, and still are America's lifeblood. The production in the cities through factories, labor, and mass production all contribute to the economic success America has had since World War II. America's once great city, Detroit, used to produce the largest amount of automobiles than any other city on the globe, with almost 300,000 manufacturing jobs circa 1950, and now there are barely 30,000. The city of Detroit was a teeming metropolis of 1.8 million people and it had the highest per capita income in the United States. Now it is a rotting, decaying hellhole of about 700,000 people that is the butt of most jokes about poverty. This is the very unfortunate result of urban decline, and if America doesn't act quickly and efficiently, then more cities are at risk of being next on this slow, economic death march. .
             So what caused the downfall of the great city of Detroit? Well, like most societal problems, it stemmed from an economic grievance. The automotive industry (and other manufacturing industries) couldn't keep up with foreign competition, and the owners of these companies decided to outsource those hundreds of thousands of jobs to third world countries for third world rates.

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