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Movie Summary - Spring Breakers

            "Spring Breakers" is a movie about four college students that have known each other since grade school. In order to raise money for their spring break trip, they rob a local restaurant at gunpoint. Before doing this, they sniff cocaine and give themselves a pep talk on how they have to be "hard" and "tough" in order to successfully execute this grand master plan. Only three of the four girls know about this plan. Selena Gomez does not know about the plan, because her friends knew that she would not be able to do it. Selena Gomez' character is a girl full of morals and respect. She goes to church frequently and prays all the time. Selena Gomez' church friends warn her about spending spring break with the other three girls because they are "evil" and "no good". .
             The girls arrive in Florida and party with other students known as their fellow "spring breakers." They engage in high-risk sexual behavior, sniff cocaine, smoke marijuana, and participate in underage drinking. The girls throw a party, trash their motel, and are arrested by the police. The police find liquor and drugs. The judge orders them to pay a fine or spend another two days in jail. A local rapper, Alien, bails them out for a price: he rescued them so they have to do whatever he commands. Selena Gomez is very uncomfortable with the rappers lifestyle and asks to leave. Alien agrees to her leaving but says that her friends cannot go with her. The other three girls stay and experience Alien's drug dealing and gang banging lifestyle. In between the drug dealing and gang banging, Alien has problems with his ex-best friend, who is also a drug dealer, over territory and sales. Alien's rival shoots up his car while the three girls are inside. A bullet strikes one of the girls and she is the second to leave Florida because she cannot handle the lifestyle with the rapper. In retaliation, Alien and the last two girls standing go to the rival gangs party and kill every single member.

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