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My Turn to Be Bullied

            Certain things happen in life that you never forget. Sometimes they are happy memories and sometimes they are sad. Sometimes they're powerful moments of injustice.like when it's your turn to be bullied. When I was younger, I was not the most popular. I was known as the quiet, shy girl who often dazed off in class, all the while being admired for my level of smarts by the teachers. I was short, a little chunky, wore glasses and only had two friends in my school, well I thought. I met Catherine and Faith through our parents, because they were close friends. Catherine was tall, skinny and had short brown hair. Faith was short, about my size, 130 pounds, and had blonde hair, short. In the beginning meeting these two girls was such a blessing and so exciting. We always were hanging out and the best part was that they only lived a few houses down from us! Years went by and all was great, even in the beginning of eighth grade year. But little did I know I would soon see the true colors of Catherine and Faith, the girls who had been my best friends for over four years. .
             I can descriptively remember waiting in our newer black Envoy. The heated seats were heaven-sent in the mornings. I would patiently wait in the warm, cozy car until I saw my friends, then I would jump out and stand to wait for the bus with them. There was five of us total that road bus number 124. When we saw the lights flashing up the road on the bus, I'd look back and say "bye mom!", then everyone else would tell their parents bye as well. Catherine always sat with me and her sister Faith sat in front of us, that's just how it went every day. School was always fun for me up until the middle of my eighth grade year.  .
             I remember the exact date, it was December 7th, 2009. It was a Monday, I did not ride the bus that day because I woke up late. My entire day went very smooth up until the bus ride home. I was eager to get on the bus that afternoon, because I would be able to see my friends that I had not seen all day.

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