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The History and Transformation of Vampires

            When you hear the word "vampire", you may think of a pale, fearsome creature that lurks in the night, looking for a living victim to sink its pointed fangs into. You can thank movies and books for this. People all around the world have their beliefs and disbeliefs on this subject. There is no scientific evidence of actual vampires, but there are a number of real medical conditions that might result in vampirism behavior or appearance (Dean 1). Some even believe that they have encountered or witness vampires, and all they'd have to share is their stories. Society's fascination with vampires doesn't compare to chilling reality and history about them. .
             There are a few animals who exhibit vampire characteristics, including leeches, lampreys and vampire bats, and in all of these cases the vampire's intentions are to draw enough blood till they are satisfied, but not enough to kill the host (Soniac 1). There are, however, many self-identified vampires who participate in gothic-inspired subcultures. Some host vampire-themed book clubs or secret bloodletting rituals while others wear capes or get vampire-fang dental implants (Radford 1). This might sound terrifying yet exciting, but drinking blood is a serious matter and has seemed to turn into something superficial.
             Today's modern day vampire is probably considered one of the most notorious and iconic figures all over the world. With the steady stream of vampire novels, movies and television shows being produced, it is pretty clear that the vampire has become a big target of literature (Mayfield 1).Yet this was not always the case because vampires were once considered the creature of. Almost all cultures have stories of these once terrifying 'bloodsucking demons", however many of the myths about these creatures started mainly during the 18th century, particularly in Eastern Europe in areas (Radford 1).
             The vampire is one of the oldest, most resilient archetypes in modern media (Mayfield 1).

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