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I am a Libertarian

            When questioning whether I consider myself a liberal, communitarian, libertarian, or conservative; I feel that some of my views may be similar to those of liberals and conservatives, but when it comes to the meat of the matter, I most strongly believe in the opinions of libertarians. I believe in the rights of an individual and that they have a personal responsibility for their own well being. I believe in free-market economy of wealth and prosperity. Like most other libertarians, I want a foreign policy of peace, free trade, and free of interference from the government. The government should have less control of our social lives and concentrate on national issues such as trade and relations with other countries. Since it is difficult to defend all of the libertarian's views, I will stress my opposition of the federal government's involvement in our social lives. .
             All decisions should be made by the majority of the nation and not by a single leader, in this case, the president. I also believe that when a new president is elected, he should not change the ways and patterns of the previous president, but instead improve upon what he had established and worked towards. If the country of America had fought for certain laws and ordinances, the subsequent president should follow on that. It is a known fact that, as tax-payers, we want our tax dollars to be spent in favor of our country. One specific example that comes to mind is President George W. Bush's spending on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. While Bill Clinton never encountered any such event, he worked hard toward allocating our taxes back into the USA. George W. Bush, on the other hand, appears to be spending more of our tax money on war purposes than for our own nation's benefit. I do not think that we should have President Bush making all the decisions about invading Iraq and Afghanistan, and even allotting millions and millions of our tax dollars for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the two countries.

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