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Terrorism at the Boston Marathon

            It has always been a tradition in my family to always to go to Marathon Monday this year was no different. We usually sit on top of heartbreak hill with all my family including my cousins. My aunt and uncle have always been apart of the marathon. This year only my uncle was running and a close neighbor of ours. This year my family, boyfriend, neighbors, and I all decided to go into Boston for the day and instead of going to our usual spot we decided to go a mile away from the finish line. It was my boyfriends first time ever going to Marathon Monday, so I was very excited to show him what it was all about. I look forward to this day all year long. .
             We got up nice and early the morning of the marathon because both my parents took it off from work and I also missed school for the day, and we wanted to be able to spend the day in the city. It was a beautiful day and perfect day for the marathon. We had called my uncle that morning to wish him luck and that we would see him close to the finish line. My neighbor was running for the Dana Farber Foundation, so we were standing near where their tent was, which was at mile twenty-five. We decided to take the Tee into the city so that we wouldn't get stuck in all the traffic. That same day was also a Red Sox game so everyone on the Tee was either in Red Sox things or some sort of Boston clothing. You could just feel the love on the train of how much everyone was into the city of Boston. It has always been and always will be my favorite city. .
             It had been about a thirty minute long Tee ride when we finally arrived to the Copley Center; the streets were filled with families, friends, and college students, and all you could hear was loud cheers and people clapping. We decided to go near the mile twenty-five, to wait to see my uncle. We had gotten a text from my aunt who was at heartbreak hill that he would be to us in about thirty minutes. I had my phone out and was also tracking to where he was.

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