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             Many journalists have to take a position on issue as news versus revenue. The new is the truth but revenue is a paycheck. Journalists have a code of ethics, which they must live by to gather the trust of their audience, community, and to society. Which they are trying to serve the community, while they earned a paycheck for themselves at the same time. They have duty to themselves, as media professionals need individual integrity and strength to follow their conscience. This is just one of the many duties, they faced on everyday based. While balancing career objectives with personal goals and other duties that can be challenging to the journalist's or journalists' career. A second duty is the audience; to the community, to society, the community has placed their trust in the journalist to bring them the trust, the whole trust, and nothing but the trust. They have a duty to their professional colleagues or their peers. They have a duty to their employer or organization, this obligation is a must, but a firm, company, organization, or a place of business need revenue to survive and maintain it's service or services. I take stand in my position paper news cannot be brought only told to the people.
             The separate this venture from news content is simply, place for venture as this need to set aside to be placed another show or source of entertainment outlet, and keep news as news. Other considerations can be made for example; infomercials and miniature programming advertisements are ones to be taking into consideration. .
             In the case of the article that was provide to us, the management team at WFLA, stated that the show was not news content, but entertainment purpose. That to me would be fine, but the morning show content news and show signs of morning-news show as other popular morning -news shows that we as people know of. .
             The problems with this combination of news sources and revenue will only led to proganda in the media.

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