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Vintage Jewelry - Cameos

            Lovely masterpieces are what cameos are frequently called. Consistent with Vintage Jewelry Lane, the expression cameo portrays a helpful picture which is raised higher than its experience, cut from a strand material. A cameo emphasizes pictures of individuals, and they might be utilized as pins, pieces of jewelry, ornaments, rings, and armlets. Cameos are created out of agate, and were discovered in Alexandria, Egypt. To carve a cameo you will need a conch shell, a fine saw, an engraving tool set, a pencil, paper, grinder, jewelers' glue, a strip of gold or silver, soap, water, a soft brush, and olive oil. The first step to carving a cameo is to "draw an oval shape on the shell with a pencil and cut along the line," (Staples 1) utilizing a slender sharpened steel, fine tooth handsaw. The oval shape could be idealized on a processor. The second step is to check on the shell, in pencil, the layout of the, "shape which will be raised from the shell," (Staples 2). This is known as the profile. The third step is to mold the profile utilizing a graver, a metal scratching tool called a, "bulino," (Staples 2). A, "bullion is one of four gravers," (Staples 2) customarily utilized for making cameos. The others are confronted, adjusted and three-cornered. Throughout this stage the top layer of shell is evacuated. This could be finished with a processor to spare time.
             The fourth step is to, "soak the shell in olive oil when the profile has been cut," (Staples 2) and then clean it with a cleanser and water. Polish with a delicate brush. Then sketch a picture of what the fulfilled cameo picture might look like. Carve the cameo's detailed characteristics, taking after the sketch, and with the shell held solidly set up on the work bench. "The same four gravers might be utilized for all parts of the work," (Staples 3). Clean the completed cameo with olive oil and afterward precisely evacuate the oil with soap and water.

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