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Money Management is Serious Buisness

            There are many things I am good at doing; reading, gaming, my job in security, honing my skills at the pistol range. Out of all of those skills the one thing I am most proud of being good at is being a father to my daughter. My own biological father was never there for me or around, and even though my step father filled his shoes it was never really the same. I promised myself when she was born just over three years ago that I would always be a part of her life; I would not become my biological father. My daughter Kahlan is the most important thing in the world to me and nothing will ever change that.
             However, one thing I am not very good at that I would like to learn to be better on is managing my money. Financial planning is not something I am good at in any way, I get money in my account and something in the back of my mind screams "spend it!" This is not good for many reasons but the main one is because of my daughter Kahlan. I do not want her picking up my bad spending habits and procrastination on all things financial. Not only that but I want her to have a good life, to have all the things I did not have growing up. My personal wellbeing and my daughter's also are at stake if I can't learn to be better at managing my money. I want to get better at managing money and financial planning because I want my daughter to grow up with the best life possible.
             To get a better handle on this subject I found an article from Men's Health titled "Are you a money moron?" It was written by Richard Sine and published October of 2013. I located this source on June 15th, 2015 on the library database, EBSCO host under the very first link. There is a quiz directly in the article that breaks down financial management in a nut shell. He breaks down every answer giving a valid reason and then has a point system on the bottom. I took the quiz and scored lower then I wanted too, which tells me I have work to do on the subject.

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